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Dec 04, 2014  Anne Lawrence

I (Anne) was invited to post a blog Technical Assistance and Strong Relationships: Key to Quality Capacity Building on the Foundation Center’s GrantCraft: http://www.grantcraft.org/blog/technical-assistance-and-strong-relationships-key-to-quality-capacity-build! and that was picked up by Philanthropy New York’s  New York Philanthropost: https://philanthropynewyork.org/news/technical-assistance-and-strong-relationships-key-quality-capacity-building. The Foundation Center informed us that the blog has had 527 views, and that the blog will also be connected with the GrantCraft resource on Capacity Building to come out in February.

Suzanne Marten, Sara Hill and I wrote an article for Afterschool Matters called Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Core: the Common Core Standards and Out-of-School Time Programs.  See attached article.