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The Page Turner

Program Evaluation

Rachel Cytron

Rachel Cytron is deputy director for programs at Harlem RBI. Her management of Harlem RBIís programs includes directing the organizationís evaluation efforts. She participated in the Bowne Foundation Evaluation Institute in 2004-2005.

Jan Gallagher

Jan Gallagher, Ph.D., is a consultant specializing in clear, effective communication strategies for nonprofits. For the Robert Bowne Foundation, she manages and edits not only The Page Turner but also the journal Afterschool Matters and the Occasional Paper Series. She has 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, and educator.

Anne H. Lawrence

Anne Lawrence is the program officer of the Robert Bowne Foundation. She has over 25 years of experience in adult and youth education as a teacher, staff developer, evaluator, and manager of volunteer literacy and adult education programs.

Kim Sabo, Ph.D.

Kim Sabo, Ph.D., is a seasoned evaluation consultant and leader in the emerging field of youth participatory evaluation. Drawing on her training in developmental and environmental psychology, she introduces hundreds of adults and young people, their programs, and their communities to the empowering impact of sustained reflection and evaluation.

The Page Turner, published electronically by The Robert Bowne Foundation, focuses on literacy development in afterschool programs. Contents copyright © 2006 by the Robert Bowne Foundation.

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