Jan Gallagher

Jan Gallagher, Ph.D., is a consultant specializing in clear, effective communication strategies for nonprofits. For the Robert Bowne Foundation, she manages and edits not only The Page Turner but also the journal Afterschool Matters and the Occasional Paper Series. She has 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, and educator.

Anne H. Lawrence

Anne Lawrence is the program officer of the Robert Bowne Foundation. She has over 25 years of experience in adult and youth education as a teacher, staff developer, evaluator, and manager of volunteer literacy and adult education programs.

Lori Ragsdale

Lori Z. Ragsdale is a children’s librarian at the Carrollton Public Library in Carrollton, Texas. She holds a master's degree in youth librarianship from the University of North Texas. Before turning to librarianship, she taught elementary school for 15 years.

Maria Santana

Maria Santana is Program Director for the New Settlement After School Program and Summer Day Camp; she also facilitates the Elders Program. She has done graduate work in Early Childhood Education at City College. Maria was honored as one of the first PASEsetter Award recipients. She approaches her work from a holistic perspective in which everyone, from youth to parents to staff, has a voice.

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