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Oct 11, 2014  Anne Lawrence

NFSC’s New Focus on Small CBO Policy & Advocacy Support

With grant support from the Bowne Foundation, NFSC is focusing on identifying, developing, and supporting partnerships between small CBOs, the afterschool policy/advocacy sector, and City government.

NFSC provides a safe space for providers to discuss, strategize, and plan for the upcoming challenges and opportunities facing the afterschool sector.  In particular, small and emerging CBOs have expressed a great need for this type of support.  The expansion of afterschool programming for all middle school students presents a unique opportunity for small CBOs to expand their networks, participate in advocacy efforts citywide, and become a valued voice within the afterschool sector.

Goals of NFSC’s Small CBO Advocacy Work

NFSC staff will work with a select group of small CBOs to:

  • Assist and train small CBOs in building knowledge about current developments, opportunities, and trends in the public policy world and the youth development field. This will strengthen the CBO’s connections with key networks and collaborations with schools, families, and communities through NFSC meetings, coalitions, and partnerships
  • Increase the visibility and success profiles of small CBOs that operate in community-based settings throughout NFSC’s advocacy networks
  • Provide a voice for the unique challenges of smaller not-for-profit providers in implementing after-school programs and other services through government contracts, which often require extensive expertise and staff capacity to execute

Commitment Required       

We ask that the CBO designate a staff member to work closely with NFSC staff, attend monthly networking meetings, participate in advocacy events, meetings with City government officials, and serve as a liaison between NFSC and your CBO.  

If your organization is interested, please contact Gigi Li at gigi@nfsc-nyc.org, or call (212) 619-1656.